Competências gerenciais: estudo de caso de um hospital público

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This is a work focused skills of managers of hospitals as managers. We found in the literature, among others, the model proposed by Quinn, model that emphasizes skills in managerial roles, director, producer, monitor, coordinator, facilitator, mentor, innovative and negotiator. Descreveremos each of the roles, and classifying them as their characteristics, in models of human relations, open systems, internal processes and rational goals. The model of managerial skills is an important model for the understanding and assessment of the role of hospital manager. The model defines twenty-four managerial skills, conceituando them and sorting them into eight managerial roles. It features a wide range of skills, while also maintaining a consistent definition of roles and managerial models of management. The goal is to describe and compare with the proposed model, the managerial skills of the professionals who occupy positions of direction in a hospital in the perception of the institution.

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