Proposta de modelo qualitativo de gestão de risco para pequenas empresas não-financeiras brasileiras: estudo de caso de uma empresa do setor de serviços em regime de franchising

Zouain, Deborah Moraes
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Research conducted by institutions linked to Brazilian small and medium business, specially non financial institutions, reveals a high level of among this organizations over the past few years. In spite of entrepreneur´s commitment in order to create the necessary conditions to ensure the survival of their enterprises, a remarkable lack of management skills to stabilish and coordinate the several processes and activities envolved, has led companies to unfavourable paths. In this sense, the concerns regarding the risks that naturally envolves any business activity are, almost always, neglected by ignorance. Risk is part of daily environment of business activities, and some are less impactful while others, if materializes, threats the longevity of the company. Therefore, a better understanding and control of the best pratices regarding risk management may contribute to a proper decision-making and ensure better results for the company. This work purposes to present and test a qualitative model of risk management designed for Brazilian non-financial small business. The company chosen to meet this case study is a Brazilian small company from service sector that operates in a franchising scheme. The results obtained, from company´s files review under the the assumptions of the proposed model, suggests the validation of this model on companies with this profile, and also shows managers and entrepreneus agreement regarding the necessity on implementing this management tools in a way to ensure the survival of the business.

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