O trabalho na rua e a exposição à violência no trabalho: um estudo com agentes de trânsito

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This study was conducted with traffic agents who, for a variety of reasons connected with the organization of work and the fact that the streets are their work environment, are exposed to intense verbal and even physical aggression situations. Based on the study of a particular situation, we hope to contribute to the understanding of the impact of violence on the mental health of workers whose workplace is the streets and the impact of this upon their health, their work performance and their relations. This study was based on the theoretical and methodological principles of work psychodynamics, a method limited to the field of research-action, which presupposes a transforming action upon the situation under study. Results indicate that coexisting with violence at work, on one hand, has a strong impact on workers' mental health and, on the other hand, drives them to develop strategies and a certain type of intelligence related with their work, in order to be able to continue working.

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