Contribuições do organizar (organizing) para os estudos organizacionais

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Based on a postmodern style of thought, this article encourages a discussion about the processes of organizing as an approach that takes a fresh look at the organizations and its phenomena, which are to be understood as achievements, as results of heterogeneous, continuous and precarious processes which, for being in constant production, generate an apparent stability. We seek to present the notion of organizing, its origins, some of its perspectives and what could be their potential contributions and implications for the field of organizational studies, in terms of research and teaching practice. We conclude that organizing can contribute to the denaturalization of the notion of organization as rigid, homogeneous and unproblematic structure. It is also aligned to the discussion about the prevalence of organizational metanarratives. Thus, organizing is presented as an alternative to the study of organizations and their complexities, generating ideas and efforts in terms of teaching and research.

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