O impacto das diferenças culturais nas fusões e aquisições

Migueles, Carmen Pires
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Culture is a broad concept, which brings historical contexts, shared values and perceptions that, in the social environment, influence collective and institutional interactions. Thus, merger and acquisition, as much as having a particularly economic substance in its origin, operations are directly impacted by cultural issues, considering that these are conducted by ordinary people, who learn how to interact and express themselves through their cultures. This paper aims to make a theoretical survey of how the authors understand the influence of culture in mergers and acquisitions, according to the theoretical foundations of psychology, anthropology and sociology, providing or limiting the scope of the desired results. To understand the setting in which the concept of culture has been investigated, we also did a theoretical survey of the major cultural differences raised in mergers and acquisitions, which were analyzed in the light of the concepts of culture introduced in this paper. We realized that, by not having a concern in correctly defining the object of culture research, results about this influence remain confused and contradictory. With this, it becomes hard to properly address the prospects for action in individual and collective field.

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