Challenges of the growth phase for a Brazilian social enterprise: the case of 4YOU2

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Barki, Edgard Elie Roger
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This thesis is a case study on 4YOU2, a Brazilian social enterprise whose value proposition is bringing high-quality English language instruction to underprivileged Brazilians. 4YOU2 was founded in 2012 and, in 2016, the company is in the phase of growth and it is facing challenges in sustaining significant growth and impact while maintaining quality and low costs. The collection of data took place in the period between beginning of April 2016 and end of June 2016. The main sources of data used were personal interviews with main stakeholders and direct observations. The objective of the project was to analyze, through a qualitative approach, the nature of the challenges that 4YOU2 was facing. The findings emerged indicated that 4YOU2’s growth is driven by many competitive advantages, especially regarding the innovativeness and attractiveness of the offer, the price component of the value proposition, the personal characteristics of the founder, and the strategic network of partners and supporters around the organization. On the other hand, the challenges that 4YOU2 was facing were overall comparable to those of any enterprise -being it social or traditional- in the same phase of the lifecycle.

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