Climate change adaptation and mitigation in the urban landscape of São Paulo

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Cunha, Alexandre Abdal
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This paper will analyze environmental public policies of the city of São Paulo and run an economic analysis to see their impact in GDP terms. As climate change is becoming a tangible and daily threat, accurate planning in this domain is needed, especially for Metropolis, as it is in those large urban centers that the majority of the world population lives. The research will compare different documents of the City Council of São Paulo, as Master Plans and Policy Strategies, to have an overall picture of how the city is planning its public policies regarding the environment. As result, it will be given an assessment of these policies, both from a qualitative perspective and quantitative one: an economic analysis on the social benefit of adapting to climate change will be run through data gathered from the various documents analyzed. In particular, a DICE model will be applied to compute the Social Cost of Carbon of the city of São Paulo in the year 2017. Through this measure, it will be computed how much the city could save in terms of GDP if environmental externalities would be reduced to zero, taking into account as reference the balance sheet of 2017.

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