A energia renovável na matriz energética brasileira

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Barros, Alexandre Lahoz Mendonça de
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The share of renewable energy in the Brazilian Energy Matrix has Always been ate high level. This approach makes Brazil in particular case in the world for a country with its economic figures, like GDP per capita and economic structure. This level of renewable energy in energy matrix caused by an option of the government energy policy in the 50’s would bring to Brazil comparative advantages and benefits in the run. This single position has caused the development of this work, whose main objective is to evaluate the renewable energy in the Brazilian energy matrix since 1940, comparing in with those of other countries. Also to understand the influence of the renewable energy we developed a regression model between annual energy demand and GDP. The results obtained with the use of this model allowed us to map the impacts of this policy and have a good comprehension of the causality between those variables. Also the calculation of energy-GDP elasticity broth some important conclusion, like the definition of certain parameters to estimate the investment in the energy sector in the long run.

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