O papel de uma universidade corporativa no sistema de ensino policial do Brasil: um estudo de caso da Academia Nacional de Polícia

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Zouain, Deborah Moraes
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The Science Police, though controversial his existence, may be an important proof of fact, destined to produce a conviction of the judge in deciding a crime, being a recent and very little expertise operated by national technical literature. This study aims to characterize the training and professional development of federal criminal experts, stationed in the Federal Police Department. For this, research work was carried out involving a theoretical basis, the survey data collected from the Experts and their immediate supervisors in Technical and Scientific Sectors, plus interviews with leaders of the National Police Academy, located in Brasília - DF. The first part of the paper presents an introduction and literature review, with a brief history of the Police Education System in Brazil, the concepts of Corporate Education and skills development as well as aspects of training and development officer in the National Police Academy, Police Department Federal. The second part deals specifically with the way this survey was organized and its data collection. The methodology uses a transdisciplinary approach, ever-present feature in their own training and development officer. The third, the data analysis, leads to the conclusions of the study and lists the main features of the training and professional development of the Federal Criminal Expert. Finally, the conclusion ends the paper, with suggestions for future research on the matter. Key

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