Breve reflexão sobre a insolvência transnacional. Divergências doutrinárias. Experiência brasileira.

Cavalli, Cássio
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This thesis addresses the problem that arises from lacking regulations in transnational insolvency in Brazil. The process of globalization has intensified international trade relations, culminating in the emergence of multinational corporations with transnational operations. Currently, there are no specific Brazilian laws to deal with transnational insolvency, which causes significant uncertainty and legal distrust. As a result, the research surrounds the need to create a set of specific laws to regulate transnational insolvency. In this light, the thesis explores the leading theoretical models proposed to deal with transnational insolvency: the territorialist model and the universalist model. The work then examines examples of comparative law followed by a retrospective legislative history of Brazil’s transnational insolvency. Finally, a case is made to elucidate the content presented and assist in finding solutions to better address the controversial issue of transnational bankruptcy.

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