Os efeitos da concentração regional no desempenho das empresas: uma abordagem multinível

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Goldszmidt, Rafael Guilherme Burstein
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This study aims to evaluate the effect of regional concentrations in organizational performance of companies especially in the service sector. In order to achieve this goal we compared organizational performance of firms located in areas of geographical concentration to the performance of those outside these areas. We also compare the effects of regional concentration on the performance of companies in the service industry with companies in the industrial sector. The literature review revealed that there are advantages for companies located in concentration areas, leading to the main hypothesis of this study that such advantages would lead to a better performance of these firms. Thus, we sought to ascertain the existence of a relationship between organizational performance and geographic location of service industry companies. In order to identify regional concentrations we adapted the methodological criterion used in the industry sector. The indicators used were based on the number of establishments and employees obtained from the database of Annual Social Information Report (RAIS). The organizational performance was measured by two indicators of profitability (profit / net sales) and sales growth (growth rate). The source of performance data used was based on the following research database from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE): Annual Industrial Survey (PIA) and Annual Survey of Services (PAS). The sample included 78,789 observations providers and 22,460 observations from the industrial sector between 2001 and 2005. The results were produced by using Hierarchical Linear Models or Multilevel Models. The results revealed a positive effect on the growth of businesses located in regional areas of concentration (for the industry and service sector), suggesting that firms located in such places grow faster than those which were located outside of these areas. However, there was no evidence of higher profitability. The findings of this study can inform management´s decision making process as it relates to locating firms in or outside regional concentrations. Furthermore, there are some implications for public policy, which include that a positive effect on the firm growth can orient incentive policies, in order to stimulate the regional development of concentration areas.

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