Características culturais do Banestes que influenciam na sua capacidade de adequar-se ao sistema financeiro privado

Migueles, Carmen Pires
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This essay aims to analyse, explore and describe the cultural features of BANESTES SI A. - Banco do Estado do Espírito Santo, which have intluence in its capacity of adjusting itself to the private financiaI system performance, coming to a conclusion whether these features promote or raise difficulties in the said adaptability. The dissertation is based on a bibliografic research about the theories of the organizational culture and the gradual development of the national financiaI system, a documental investigation which aims to collect data and describe BANESTES S/A's current profile and also a field investigation, with interviews and observation. The research that support this essay has been made on qualitative basis, being an exploring, descreptive and appraiser research. The investigation mode is the study of historical-organizational case, with a participating observation. The fundamental points quoted in this essay were taken from the historical research, the conventional administration theories, organizational culture theorical base, the organization in administration and organizational transformation. The analysis and observations are described in the end of the dissertation, specifically in the fifth chapter. The bibliography puts together all authors and documents researched that support this essay.

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