O projeto de lei geral dos concursos públicos e a 'ideologia concurseira'

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Fontainha, Fernando de Castro
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The article handles, fundamentally, the analysis of the Senate Bill Project nº 6004 of 2013, in light of the live-off examination ideology. The core of the work traverses through the understanding of the difference between existing ideological systems in the academic context, and through the comprehension of republican presuppositions which guided the rationale of the Public Administration when determining a model for civil service selection. The aforementioned bill project arises in this scenery tending to provision a legislative gap in the specific ruling for public examination in the federal context, however, still reproducing the live-off examination ideology. Informing the debate, we direct attention to the Research Report 'Processos Seletivos para a Contratação de Servidores Públicos: Brasil, o País dos Concursos?', created by FGV Direito Rio in partnership with the Universidade Federal Fluminense, product of the 'Pensando o Direito' initiative from the Legislative Affairs Secretary of the Justice Department.

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