Impacto do planejamento de compras no desempenho financeiro da indústria de transformação do Brasil


Strategic procurement planning can be defined as a process of evaluation, implementation and control of important decisions of supply used to meet the plans and long-term goals of a company. Thus, the involvement of purchase professionals on strategic issues is critical because it allows them to demonstrate that the management of suppliers have a direct impact on the financial performance of the company. From this perspective, the objective of this study is to assess the impact of procurement planning strategy in the financial performance of the Brazilian manufacturing industry. For this, a descriptive, cross-sectional quantitative survey was conducted. The sample consisted of 312 respondents working in companies in the manufacturing industry, various branches of activity, both domestic and multinationals, and data were analyzed using structural equation modeling. The main results were observed impacts: Planning cart on the Evaluation System Suppliers and the Buyer-Supplier Relationship; the Supplier Evaluation System on the Buyer-Supplier Relationship; and Buyer-Supplier Relationships on Financial Performance noticed. Not found any significance between procurement planning and financial performance.

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