O ProUni e a conclusão do ensino superior: questões introdutórias sobre os egressos do programa na zona oeste do Rio de Janeiro

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The analysis and evaluation of policies implemented by a government involve factors of different natures, especially when it focuses on social inclusion policies in higher education. With the objective of analyzing the program University for All - ProUni, we started the research ProUni and access to higher education: introductory study on users of the program in the western city of Rio de Janeiro. ProUni aims at evaluating the impacts of public policy in education, focusing on the inclusion of populations with lower chances of access to higher education, in private higher education institutions through scholarships. This paper presents the initial data collected in a higher education institution in Campo Grande, west of Rio de Janeiro, pointing to a dropout rate similar to the national average. That leads us to infer the effectiveness of ProUni and the educational success of individuals benefited by the Program.

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