Banks and social responsibility: incorporating social practice in organizational structures

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The purpose of the paper is to analyze the dissemination of structural arrangements relating to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) movement within the field of banking organizations in Brazil. The paper is part of the research results to understand the dynamics of institutionalizing CSR, which is understood as a movement of capitalism displacement. The structural arrangements under study are: the specific areas created to address the CSR topic, social balance sheet and links on CSR in organizational websites - considered as “tests” to include organizations in the movement. It was found that there is an isomorphic movement in the field where the major banks take the tests, having the arrangements - and soon the large banks joined the movement, adopting different stances. Wholesale banks, however, have still to do the same thing, which ratifies the process as a search for legitimacy, the core argument of the theory. © 2007, Emerald Group Publishing Limited