Políticas públicas tributárias municipais: o caso da Secretaria de Finanças da Prefeitura do Recife no período de 2005 a 2008

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Goldszmidt, Rafael Guilherme Burstein
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This work has as main objective to analyze their experience in the Finance department of the Municipality of Recife - SEFIN, between the years 2005 and 2008 in the area of municipal tax policies. Policies were developed and implemented through bills, decrees and ordinances, and actions among various actors SEFIN, which aimed to meet the demands of strategic enterprise segments decreased by municipal taxes without hurting the legal limits imposed by the Fiscal Responsibility Law - LRF and the Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil - CF. One can see a new practice in dealings with the company, mainly because it is an area as arid as the tax. Through listening, dialogue and interacti on with some segments, we constructed a viable exit from the standpoint of legal and economic, to the issues raised by the various demanding industries. There was also an analysis of the managerial point of view of the office in search of a change, both in ternal and external relationship between the actors involved in the negotiation process. Was sought as a theoretical theme, the context of the discussion of public policy in Brazil, Brazilian federalism, the search for endogenous development site, the War Tax, Tax Reform in Brazil and the issue of management in public administration. An analysis of the actions taken to give the structure a more managerial SEFIN, without losing sight of the pursuit of a well managed with societal bias, and the search through the use of innovation in Brazilian public administration. We conclude with a series of recommendations to stakeholders in the study, measures and evaluates care needed to take it, for those who seek this study, know the strategies used to achieve the prop osed objectives. Finally, a critique of the development of technologies and laws in order to increase revenues at the expense of a revolution to some extent still silent, what needs to be done in relation to public expenditure in Brazil. But this, surely, is subject for further studies in this regard.

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