Operações de day trading na BM&F BOVESPA: avaliação de uma técnica de otimização de resultados

Terra, Paulo Renato Soares
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This thesis deals with operations carried out on BM&F BOVESPA commonly called 'Day Trading', which are operations whose purchase (or sale) and settlement are carried out on the same day. This issue is relevant, especially for the small investor, because it allows the optimization of the result of their investment portfolio over time. The objective of this research is to present and test some techniques used by financial market traders in the 'Day Trading' modality. In conjunction with the verification of theories of technical analysis, the paper aims to reconcile such predictive techniques with theories of risk management and portfolio management, in this case more precisely the Modern Portfolio Theory of Markowitz, in order to test the efficiency of the combination between these theories in the Brazilian stock market, and whether there is a possibility of optimizing the results that an investor can achieve over time. To achieve this goal a quantitative research is performed using graphical analysis techniques based on theories widely known in the capital market, such as the Elliott Wave Principle and the Dow Theory. From the indicators of success obtained by these predictive techniques (through backtests), the present research explores aspects of market efficiency presented in the Efficient Market Hypothesis of Fama (1970). The main conclusions of this dissertation suggest that a passive buy and hold strategy of the Bovespa Index dominates respectively strategies based on Markowitz Theory and active day trading strategies based on technical analysis. The results make a contribution to the small investor through a better understanding of the possibilities that short-term operations can bring to their investment portfolios and confirms the view that the Brazilian stock market is efficient in its weak form.

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