Atividade e psicoterapia: um recurso técnico de ampliação da consciência

Seminério, Franco Lo Presti
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The purpose of this dissertation is to describe the theoretical basell that fundamen1: the use of activity at psychiatry and Dynamic psychology as a therapeutical resource. We emphasize the possibilities of consciousness enlargement this use shows, that v/e consider essential for the psychoterapic intervention process. We also approach the different ways of using activity as a therapeu1:ical resource on Dynamic Psychology. We tried identify on each studied theories - on psychanalysis, on psychodrama, on tele Gestalt therapy and on the Analytical psychology the way of activity using, always relating it to the understanding of human being and the aimes of the therapeutical process, explicited by these theories. We conclude that, at the present stage of activity using as a therapeutical resource, we can’t discard totally any of the contributions that had been developed up to now, because if some of them offer to us fundament abour activity advantages as organizing and socializing making, other offer to us fundament about its effects on the psyche in terms of unconsciousness contents integration to consciousness: the repressed aspects, the introjected roles, the feelings and ways of dealing with the world (in its intentionally), the aspects of personal unconsciousness and the collective unconsciousness, not necessarily repressed, but as potentialities of being.

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