The organizational model of liberated companies: what they have in common?

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Curado, Isabela Baleeiro
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This study addresses the current debate about the existence of an organizational model in liberated companies, which impacts its generalization and its transmission over time. Our purpose is to determine whether there is any consistency across the various organizational patterns in liberated companies. To reach this goal, 114 liberated organizations and twenty-five of their primary organizational patterns were identified in the literature. Then, a survey was sent to these 114 organizations to see how consistent these twenty-five patterns were across the universe. Data was collected from thirty-nine answers out of these 114 targeted companies. This data led to identifying eleven features that were present in most of the thirty-nine liberated companies who completed the questionnaire. Ten other patterns were found in the majority of the sample, while four patterns were identified as scarce. It was also determined that larger corporations operate differently. The analysis that was conducted will help leaders to understand the features of liberated companies.

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