Back to the country of the future: forecasts, European crisis and the new middle class in Brazil

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Chronicle of the Foretold Crisis How did the European financial earthquake affects the common Brazilian citizen income already in 2012? The W of the question: Tsunami or a ripple? Who looses and who wins with the crisis? Are inequality and poverty still declining? Is Brazilian inequality in its all time low historical record? Classes Scenarios How is the projected mobility between economic classes (A, B, C, D e E)? How many millions will leave poverty and how many will join the new middle class until 2014? Which class will have grown the most by 2014? Will we be talking about a new Brazilian A class as we talked in the last years about the new C class? The Future of the Country of the Future What are the forecasts for the Brazilian well-being in 2015? What does Brazilians expect for their own future? How does Brazil compare to other 156 countries? Are we still the future happiness world champions? Who is happier, males or females? How do gender happiness differentials change between countries? Are single women happier than married ones? At what age does happiness peaks? Brazil X BRICS: Well-Being Comparissons How is present and future happiness among BRICS Countries? What are inequality trends among the BRICS? How one compares growth rates of household income vis a vis GDP growth in this group of countries? Besides pure growth, what are the major well-being movements among emerging countries? See the research in