A 'caixa-preta' vs. o 'controle demagógico': os discursos dos favoráveis e dos contrários à criação do CNJ

Paula, Christiane Jalles de
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This paper investigates the speeches of those who were against or in favor the creation of the National Council of Justice ( CNJ), which was one of the items contained in Judicial reform . This was processed in the Legislative for about twelve years. We argue that this procedure lasted so long due the lack of consensus among various items therein , and the creation of an institution res ponsible for controlling the judiciary was the main one . Thus, we consider that this consensus was reached through negotiations between the actors involved, as can be noticed in the discourses analyzed. Theref ore , we analyzed the discourses mobilized by severa l actors who used the media - newspapers in particular - to launch this issue in the public sphere and produced a public discussion around the creation of an organ to control the judiciary , between 2003 and 2004 . This debate is reflected in the actions of various actors and in the processing of the reform in the Senate . The discursive acting from the in favor and the agains t the judiciary control is seen , therefore, as a competition for positions of power which allowed several players to build consensus on what to approve and reject in the case of the j udicial reform . One of the points agreed upon was the creation of the National Council of Justice , which eventually was approved .

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