Perfil motivacional da geração Y comparado ao de outros grupos etários: investigação em uma instituição financeira nacional

Irigaray, Hélio Arthur
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This research investigates the motivational profile of employees members of a large brasilian financial institution, embedded in demographic cohort referred to as 'Generation Y' (Y's). This profile was compared to that of employees belonging to other age groups in the same institution. To support research, was used bibliography about generational cuts - focusing on Generation Y - and different views on the subject of motivation, as well as debate the importance of knowing the motivational profile of these employees to adequate formulation of motivational labor strategies. Secondly, for this analysis the research seeks to aid in the psychological contract work theory. The Scale Values Schwartz (Schwartz Value Survey), in its PVQ - Portrait Value Questionnaire version, was used in collecting research data, aiming investigate most relevant motivational types for Y's and their cohorts, allowing so draw a motivational profile of each demographic group. Based on the collected sample, the study concludes there is no statistical evidence on the existence of differences in motivational profile between generations within the organization researched.

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