Um processo de autogestão: crônica e crítica de uma experiência em psicologia institucional

Seminério, Franco Lo Presti
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The present work aims at making an analysis on data brought by the Psychology Department of a school that uses the concepts of Institutional psychology since its implantation (august 1974) until the present moment (july 1978), for its development is still going on. During this period the main objectives tried to investigate all the forms of the institutional latent in order to disinvest and to disassemble the repressive structures that might have been blocking the growth of the institution in order to enable the self ruling with a maximum of freedom and critical vision. For the concepts to be applied, the methodology of Institutional Analysis has been being practiced permanently because it's through its usage that it's intended to have an approach to the different unconscious aspects and/or unkown to the conmunication-psycho-social structure of the Institution. Through living technical contexts (groups, etc.) its attempted to have the different teams of the Institution to elaborate on the aspects shown above, giving them tools to control contradictory positions that all their parts occupy simultaneously by being servers of the established and also in the establishing function.

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