Trabalho e educação da classe operaria: a perspectiva politica da escola tecnica do Sindicato dos Metalurgicos - RJ

Minayo Gomez, Carlos
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This dissertation analyzes the relation between labor and education, based upon general theoretical postulations, the day-to-day life of the working class, and the politico-pedagogical practice of the professional school maintained by the Rio de Janeiro Metal-Workers Trade Union. By examining the link between school and trade union, within the context of the union movement, the logic of worker-promoted schooling is identified. Work is seen to contain an educational principIe in of it self. Gn this basis, the dissertation examines the concrete experience of teachers, worker-students, leaders and activists in their attempt to rebuild union the process of pedagogical production. Workers' education, here, becomes a blend between school book knowledg and practical knowledge attained daily at the workplace. Analyzing the dichotomy between mental and manual labor, the automation process in production, the industrial technicians' class position, among other things, the study emphasizes the unity between technical and political education among workers.

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