Governança para resultados: estudo de caso em uma empresa pública de tecnologia da informação

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Martins, Humberto Falcão
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The adoption of a results-oriented governance in the public service has emerged as an organizational management approach as part o f a broad movement o f the new public management (NPM). In Brazil, public companies have been concerned in the search for better management contrai mechanisms to achieve good results in the delivery of public services for customers and users. The term 'Organizational Performance Management' refers to any integrated and systematic approach to improving performance to achieve strategic aims and pro mote the mission and values ofthe organization. Thus, this research studies practices related to the organizational performance management, enabling the targeting of efforts on improving key processes, taking into account the specific characteristics o f the public nature. Another relevant aspect o f this work comes from studies by Management Objectives and Managing for Results, adopting understanding Manage by Objectives to achieve the results. Thus, a literature search was performed to identify the main frameworks of organizational performance. After this stage, it was established a criticai analysis of frameworks by watching the main contributions and strengths. Finally, it was built an assessment model in arder to make a diagnosis of managerial processes and qualify at what stage the company, which is the object of this study, is focusing on the governance for results. The assessment result reflected the perceptions of employees and managers on performance and its determinants.

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