O modelo nacional de cidadania e a atualidade da convenção para redução dos casos de apatridia de 1961

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Sciammarella, Ana Paula de Oliveira
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This article intends to demonstrate how a causal link between the “national citizenship” and the limited effectiveness of the 1961 Convention on the Reduction of Statelesssness can be drawn. For this purpose, through the dialogue with other researches, it outlines the main characteristics of such model, which would’ve led to the internalization of the right to nationality, turning the States extremely resistant to any sort of concession regarding the exclusiveness of their competence over it. In this context, the reflections of the States’ reluctance are evident in the Convention’s final text, which presents measures of very limited practical usefulness, most of which are extremely sensitive to the States’ sovereignty claims. Ulterior international documents, however, dealt with statelessness in a fuller way. Given their advent, the actuality of the 1961 Convention could be questioned, as its relevance in today’s world might be at risk.

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