Genealogia da derrota: a reedição do livro O negro no futebol brasileiro e a construção do significado da Copa do Mundo de 1950 para o Brasil

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This article presents a debate on the construction of the collective memory in the sports journalism, based on episodes regarding the defeat of the Brazil national football team in the 1950 World Cup, in Brazil. The argument proposed is that the new edition of the 'classic' book by Mário Filho, O negro no futebol Brasileiro (1947), published in 1964, was compelling to the way the memorialistic aspect of the sport began to narrate and value the performance of the team in 1950. Non-existing in the first edition, as it predicted the World Cup title, although inspired by the event for its publication, the election of the explanatory factors for the defeat – of racial, moral, and political nature – guided, since then, the relationship between history and memory, remembrance and oblivion, both in the second edition of the book and in the contemporary investigative journalism, which, during the last World Cup in Brazil, in 2014, had a significant editorial boost to reactivate and consolidate the representation of a historic sporting event.

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