Políticas públicas de empreendedorismo para a população de baixa renda: transformando necessidades em oportunidades

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This paper aims to describe and analyze, in an exploratory-descriptive way, two case studies on support programs for entrepreneurship among low-income populations, in the communities of São José dos Campos and Tarumã. The goal is to identify evidence that points to and corroborates flaws in these programs in order to offer improvements for them. The focus of this work will be the effectiveness of the programs and policies, integrated municipal planning and social inclusion, primary obstacles and facilitators of these programs, and suggestions and paths to follow. The selected case studies and the literature review form the basis for a series of reflections and suggestions to improve the efficiency and efficacy of the programs themselves, within the integrated and sustainable planning by municipalities. The results show that, despite the managers being clearly aware of the failures and needs of existing programs, and having a good understanding of the expectations and capabilities of the target-audience, the programs still fail to put into action the solutions that would correct these failures and integrate and optimize these solutions.

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