O gerente de vendas no Brasil e a intenção de comportamento antiético - 1ª Parte

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The general objective of this research is to analyze the Intention to Behave Unethically of sales executives and some of its possible determinants, as a result knowledge gaps regarding the Brazilian reality. It s a replication of SCHWEPKER Jr. s (1999) study conducted in the United States. As so, two are de specific objectives. The fist, already accomplished, is to describe de profile of the constructs Intention to Behave Unethically, Moral Judgment, Cognitive Moral Development and Competitive Intensity. The second specific objective will be to investigate the potential effects of Moral Judgment, Cognitive Moral Development and Competitive Intensity upon Intention to Behave Unethically. In order that, data were collected from 138 sales executives belonging to the largest Brazilian companies.

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