Agenda social nos territórios pacificados: um estudo sobre o Programa Territórios da Paz à luz da construção teórica em gestão social

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Tenório, Fernando Guilherme
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The objective of this research was to analyze the Social Management Program in pacified territories - Territories of Peace in the light of the theoretical construct of social management in academy. Based on the literature on Social Management, we attempted to identify the different components that guide their discussion. Added to this were discussed throughout the theoretical framework issues that favor the understanding of the context in which the Territory of Peace Program is inserted, such as slums, public security and pacification project project underway in Rio de Janeiro city. Given the speech adopted by Territories of Peace Program, chose to analyze it from some evaluation categories of deliberative participatory processes, namely: Discussion Threads, Inclusion, Pluralism and the Common Good. Data were collected in the first instance, by literature research. Then, interviews were conducted with social managers responsible for conducting the studied program on different territories. In short, the results point to the existence of spaces for discussion, however without decisionmaking powers. In a few moments, the characteristics of what was termed a Social Program Management approach the characteristics of Strategic Management, whose conceptual and instrumental framework relies on mechanisms of decision making based on hierarchy and technical knowledge.

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