O processo de decisão do cliente de alta renda na aquisição de imóveis residenciais na cidade de São Paulo

Limeira, Tânia Maria Vidigal
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This dissertation is an exploratory study of the decision making process in the acquisition of residential real estate by the high income consumer at the city of São Paulo. The work looks first at the literature to explain the importance of client focus and the understanding of his acquisition decision process as a source of competitive advantage. After that, trough personal interviews with twelve individuais from the targeted group that have bought apartments no longer than three years before, it searches for evidences of their acquisition decision process and elements that allow us to get a better knowledge of the attributes that have value for them and are responsible for the success or the failure of a new development. Through the interviews the findings were: the recognition of the problems comes with uncomfortable feelings due to changes in the family life cycle, the most relevant attributes were: local area, finance conditions andapartment layout , the search for information was done mainly trough visits to the neighborhood, the family had great influence in the decision of the purchase, the choice between alternatives was made based on the levei of importance given to different atlributes, and the search for satisfaction was immediate. As counter points to satisfaction, were mentioned: small parking lots, low concern with security at the project fase, neither equipped nor decorated common areas of the building, and lack of air conditioning infra-estructure. Based on these results this work concludes that there is an opportunity for real estate companies that not yet have client focus, to implement a direct channel of communication with the client for the understanding of their needs and desires and to use these information to gain competitive advantage.

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