Análise econômica do direito e o sistema de patentes como mecanismo da regulação da inovação: comentários às corridas por patentes

Porto, Antônio José Maristrello
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The patent system can be considered a mechanism for regulating innovation. Some law and economics studies analyzing the patent system indicate that the so called 'patent races' – when different individuals or businesses independently invest scarce resources to create and patent a solution to a certain technical problem – are an inefficiency of the patent system. This is because, according to their authors, only the first one to finish the development of a new technical solution and require patent protection to the appropriate authorities could obtain patent protection and explore the invention, so the other competitors would have wasted scarce resources with their researches. Our goal is to verify if these studies are correct, in other words, if 'patent races' are indeed an inefficiency of the patent system, especially considering the legal rules governing the system, the logic concerning the innovation process, game theory and the eventual benefits generated to the society through research and development of new technical solutions.

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