Um estudo exploratório do INTERPI na implementação da política fundiária do Estado do Piauí

Fernandes, Gustavo Andrey de A. L.
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This dissertation focuses on the Brazilian land issue, especially the state of Piauí. The INTERPI (Land Institute of Piauí), a state authority responsible for land management, was the object of this research. Historical, social, geographic and economic aspects were scrutinized in order to provide an illuminating analysis of the primordial facts that shaped the current situation. The recovery of historical events, from the arrival of the Portuguese on Brazilian soil in the 16th century, concomitant with the impacts of the territorial occupation process, led to the establishment of the entanglements considered. The southwest of the state, also known as 'cerrado', given its agricultural potential (soy) vis-à-vis recent agrarian conflicts, received the most attention. The signing of an agreement of the State Government with the World Bank in April 2016 triggered a series of actions aimed at promoting land regularization in this region. In this sense, several state and federal agencies are part of this initiative - INCRA, Secretariat of the Environment and Water Resources, General Corregidor of Justice and State Public Ministry - constituting a task force of land regularization. Since the beginning of this project, the Corregedoria Geral da Justiça has assumed the role of protagonist of the actions, in large part due to the urgent need to readjust the regional registries of real estate registration to good notary practices. INTERPI's performance, in light of its legal attributions, in parallel with its interaction with the Corregedoria Geral da Justiça, revealed a potential conflict of governance. Having this scenario as a background, analysis were developed and diagnoses were elaborated, subsidizing recommendations of institutional aspects, human resources practices, technological trends and political-administrative issues.

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