Fragilidades do sistema de recompensas e punições na administração pública federal

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Thiry-Cherques, Hermano Roberto
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This study aimed to describe how managers working for the Brazilian Federal Government reward and punish their subordinates, having as background Law number 8.112, that regulates laboral relations. The theoretical framework was based on international publications about rewards and punishments, on books about the subject, and on current legislation in Brazil. The method used was based on grounded theory, with adaptations. Civil servants which occupy or have occupied managing positions in Government were interviewed, in 5 Organs of Brazilian Direct Administration and 5 Organs of Brazilian Indirect Administration, all of them based in Rio de Janeiro, with the objective of building a model that expresses the existing reality. The use of performance appraisal has been distorted over time, not reflecting reality at work. The application of sanctions is avoided by managers. The result is the predominant use of informal rewards and sanctions.

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