Servitização e percepção de valor: um estudo dentro do contexto hospitalar

Brito, Eliane Pereira Zamith
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This work is about servitization and value creation in medical devices and equipment supply relationships in Brazil. This issue is relevant since the competitive and complex health care market environment make suppliers search differentiation new ways offering proposals with higher added value. Therefore, this work objective is to investigate how servitization and its different levels can impact the value perception. Value creation and co-creation, servicedominant logic, servitization and its different levels, and value based health care theories were considered to understand the relationship between supplier and hospital and how its value perception is relevant for products and services selection. The field research was qualitative. A case study was conducted in Beneficência Portuguesa de São Paulo institution. Documents analysis, observations and unstructured interviews with institution managers were used to data collection. The main results were: added services are determinants in companies’ competitive potential; the adequate balance between flexibility in product-service systems customization and standardization to optimize costs is essential to competitiveness; and the higher the servitization level and its consequent complexity level, the bigger trust level is necessary between the stakeholders. This study main contributions are the disclosure of how servitization and its levels can contribute to increase hospital’s value perception related to suppliers, how different product-service systems levels can be translated the health care market, and the description of the most complex level of servitization and its adherence to the value-based health care.

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