Cultura e mudança organizacional: o caso TELERJ

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From all segments of the economy affected by the globalization uncertainty and by the needs for changing, one stays in the focus of the international concerns, because of its profit and strategical potentials: telecommunications. Among the subsidiaries of Telecomunicações Brasileiras S.A. -Telebrás lays Telecomunicações do Rio de Janeiro - Telerj, one of the oldest and most important of the entire system. This paper attemtps to associate the Telerj cultural standards with its expected behavior in view of a new and hostile environment. To reach this goal, it has used a bibliographic and a field research, where about 25% of the management corps has been interwied and about 75% of this group received and answered a questionnaire. This paper shows that the culture of Telerj is rather directive, where keeping the order is more important than creating new conditions, and concludes listing some difficulties in starting an adaptative process to succeed in the new environment.

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