O pequeno varejista de moda têxtil e a busca pela diversidade em canais logísticos

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Miguel, Priscila Laczynski de Souza
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Technology has provided a dynamic in society that has changed human relations and brought about a new vision in consumer relations. Through the opening of possibilities, companies began to face challenges in logistics relations and this theme explored in hundreds of studies worldwide. In this line of research, the objective of this study was to investigate what leads small retailers in the fashion sector to opt for the diversification of distribution channels. As secondary objectives, a search was made for a diagnosis of the main positive and negative impacts of the new logistics channels and, also, to identify the possible ways this retailer could operate in electronic channels (e-commerce, Marketplace, multi-channel and omni-channel). For this, the chosen methodology was the exploratory research with a qualitative approach, where semi-structured interviews were applied using as a tool a script of questions elaborated by the researcher that helped to reach the objectives here predicted. For that, five entrepreneurs purposely selected in the city of São Paulo were interviewed. After all the interviews, the content analysis was used for the data treatment. Thus, it was possible to observe that the search for diversity in distribution channels for retail is due to the need to seek new audiences, to keep abreast of the technological demands and to efficiently conquer their customers and thus maintain them. In addition, the introduction to e-commerce is used to bring new customers to the physical store, in addition to maintaining and satisfying existing customers, thusexploiting new perceptions of consumption. It has been identified that the Omni-Channel is not, yet a reality used by these retailers, but a strategy to be achieved.

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