Dificuldades no processo de ensino: aprendizagem em matemática no 1. e 2. graus

Baeta, Anna Maria Bianchini
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This research focus on the difficults the Maths teachers find on their daily classes. It seems that these troubles, which have always existed, persist, despite all the attempts to solve them. The research work was developed through interviews, observations made during the classes and meetings, in which profesionals of the area took parto The most serious problems indicated were: the teachers graduation; the contents of the teaching programme; the learning process; the testing methods; and finally, the students' difficults. Each of these items was carefully analysed, in order to try to find practical solutions. The last item to be on the spot light was the difficults faced by the students, most of wich were confirmed by the test provided by the teachers, according to whom, just the most significant problems were actually broached. The conclusion obtained was that the practice of Maths in our schools is still inefficient. Its teaching doesn't fit the necessities of the society and teachers are discouraged by the low salaries. Moreover, the students get unacceptable marks and give their studies up. What is more, most books simply add or reduce contents. Finally, schools are still graduating passive people, unable to criticize constructively our subject (Maths). Due to the fact that the suggestions offered by the teachers are not taken seriously, we cannot be sure about the success of the future tries in this area. Curiously, the few positive results observed must be attributed to the teachers, who are always looking for practical and non-expensive solutions. At the end of the research work, suggestions prepared by the teachers were pointed up, most of which are believed to produce positive results in a short period of time.

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