Os tribunais de contas e o controle social: a proposta de criação de uma ouvidoria para o Tribunal de Contas do Estado do Rio de Janeiro e sua importância no processo democrático fluminense

Tenório, Fernando Guilherme
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The aim of this dissertation is to study the contribution given by the Brazilian court of accounts, with the creation of the ombudsman on those institutions, to the exercise of the social control made by its citizens. Being considered one of the key inventions in the field of the external control of the public management, the ombudsman of the court of accounts is the most important means of control the society may use over the public management, as well as the place where the society and court of accounts might debate and get to an agreement concerning on how to spend the public asset in a way that will benefit the citizens. In order to fulfill the aim of the dissertation, the concepts of citizenship, particularly the deliberative citizenship, were recaptured, as well as the means of control in the public management and the role of the court of accounts as a participant in the external control of the public accounts. Lastly, some of the 18 ombudsman linked to Brazilian courts of account are presented in the dissertation. The Ombudsman of the Courts of Accounts of the states of Paraná and Pernambuco are emphasized once it is understood that they are in the path of transcending the concept of popular participation to the popular sovereignty, in which the debate with the society might, in a near future, decide possibly the course of the audits of those entities.

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