Avaliando o aprendizado a distância versus o presencial: a que distância a educação on-line se encontra do ensino presencial?

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This report has the purpose of ínvestigating the effectiveness of distant teachíng (onlinej when compared to traditional. A discipline form the post-graduation course at FUNDAÇÃO GETULIO VARGAS (FGV), Strategy Business Simulation, with classes in a regular classroom, will be compared to the same discipline, in the same course, in distance modality (online) to verify if there is any significant difference in the students' performance. One single instructor will be used to teach in both modalities. Students, both from traditional class or online, will be given the some activities, reports for analyses, apostíle and will work in teams. Is distance education behind, side-by-side or ahead of traditional education? We shall look for an answer to this question by examining the following hypothesis: HO: there will be no statistically significant difference between the learning evaluation arithmetic means perceived by the online students and those belonging in a traditional class. Furthermore, several factors will be studied in order to determine if any is associated to the performance in both modalities of teaching, Would the proficiency with computer on an on-line course make a student have better performance than other of less capability?

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