Sobre a formação e o acesso a acervos de arte contemporânea: o caso do Ateliê Carlos Vergara

Kornis, Mônica Almeida
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The institutionalization of artists’ private estates isn’t a recent phenomenon, but this is a process that has been accelerated in the last 30 years. The social transformations brought by the result of the establishment of a global economic order have created new rules in the universe of cultural organizations. This work is the result of a research on institutions that administrate contemporary artists´ estates. The idea was to establish the basis for the constitution of a simila institution – the Ateliê Carlos Vergara. The theme was explored on the basis of interviews with five Brazilian artists and of an analysis of Carlos Vergara´s career and studio. Some issues related to the organization and preservation of the works, to the sustainability of the institutions and to the role of the heirs in the administration of the organizations, as well as the coherence of these initiatives with the principles of the artists are discussed in this text.

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