The red pill movement on Youtube: argumentative angles and algorithmic recommendations


The study focused on the Red Pill movement on YouTube, analyzing argumentative angles and algorithmic recommendations on the platform. Based on search syntaxes using terms employed by red pill groups, the study collected the 100 most relevant videos published on the platform between January and August 2023. The analysis investigated the argumentative angles that compose the Red Pill narrative using topic modeling of the video transcriptions, mapping the most common meaning constructions. Later, the study explored the list of recommendations on YouTube, seeking to understand that paths suggested by the platform based on the seed videos. The findings indicate recurring argumentative patterns reproducing stigmatizing ideas regarding the role and behavior of women and men in romantic relationships, constructing masculinist perspectives on what to expect from each. The relationships between the movement and male concerns in different areas ranging from emotional intelligence to financial and economic success appear in the network of videos recommended by the platform based on seed content, with a predominance of recommendations within the network itself.