Macro: uma proposta de ação clínica-institucional-educacional-organizacional em psicologia escolar

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Arantes, Esther Maria de Magalhães
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The present work _ Macro, a clinical-institutional-educationalorganizational action in School Psychology _ has how objectives: 1. Calling the atention to the necessity of having as much formation as possible to the profissional from this area and their personal analysis. 2. Reflect about the different models. 3. Offer an action given in School Psychology that links the main areas in Psychology, in an other point of view, as the ethics of a Psychoanalysis. They're divided in three chapters: 1. Macro, an other vision. 2. Bibliographical Revision: The Psychoanalysis Social. The Institutional Moviment. The Convergent Epistemology. The Organizational Psychology. 3. Macro, an action in School Psychology. The third chapter is a conclusive proposal to analysis the themes of the chapters given before.

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