‘Práticas de mercado’ e reestruturação de laços sociais: uma combinação possível?

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This paper focus on the process of social construction of markets to the raising of sheep and goat in the Semi-arid Northeast of Brazil as a new local arrangement with significant potential on fighting poverty. It seeks to demonstrate how this process is introduced by a 'network of enthusiasts' from the area of sheep and goat raising, comprised of key players and social institutions. Apart from them, the federal government, through a program to support financially the purchase of food (Programa de Aquisição de Alimentos), established partnership with some states of the Semi-arid and develops the Milk Program (Programa do Leite), public policy to create market for the products of the small family farmers. At regional level, associations of producers and local public management support this imbricate social network and deliver despite many obstacles success to the experiences, combining regional vocation, innovation and productive social inclusion of poor people. Taking into consideration the connections between economic life and social life, we intend to demonstrate that the 'market' is not only decisively influenced by 'non-economic' factors, but also, under certain circumstances, the expansion of 'market practices' might lead to reconfiguration of relations, prompting strengthening and diversification of the social ties, not its dissolution, as it was once stated by part of the social theory.

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