Método de custeio e critérios de discriminação de preços de procedimentos médicos: uma análise em dois hospitais do município do Rio de Janeiro

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Cardoso, Ricardo Lopes
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This case study investigates, empirically, cost methods and criteria of price discrimination made from hospital organizations when they set up their prices of hospital services to private patients and push down their prices to patients affiliated to health insurance and/or health maintenance organizations (HMO). The theory sought to show the Brazilian health systems either public or private, the aspects about corporate culture, the relationship among three players of the private health system ¿ health insurance companies (or HMO), hospitals and the patients, the importance of the cost systems, and the criteria of price discrimination. With these theories, it was developed a qualitative exploratory research, through open interviews, with hospital¿s managers and co-workers from invoicing department from two hospitals located at the Rio de Janeiro City. Based on results we didn¿t identify appropriate cost systems to help the managers to make a correct decision about price discrimination, but was identified corporate culture factors that could influence the price discrimination. Among the results, we can see unprepared hospital managers. Finally, we discussed some contributions and weakness of this case study, and there are presented suggestions for future researches.

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