Escolas de administração e comunidade: a interação necessária : uma investigação sobre a extensão universitária e sua estruturação na Faculdade de Administração da Unversidade Federal Fluminense

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Martins, Paulo Emílio Matos
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This dissertation is a product of an investigation about university extension and its institutional structure in an Administration School. The research was realized through a theory exploration and a case study: the Fluminense Federal University, Administration School. The case analysis was based on three dimensions: extension management police, academic plan and infrastructure. Through the results it is possible to assert that the extension institutional structure in this business school is not adequate. The mainly consequence of this situation is an undeveloped university extension practice and the dissociation between educational process, researches and extension activities - with the predomination of a knowledge reproduction and a traditional education. When these basic university activities - education, research and extension - are practiced together, it's possible to obtain important benefits to the institution, students and community. One of these benefits is the production of knowledge more adequate to the solution of community's peculiar problems - what contributes with a sustainable development of a society. It's necessary an administrative knowledge appropriated to solve the Brazilian organizations peculiar problems. For this, the Administration Schools could implement researches and educational processes connected with extension programs. This is already recognized in the Brazilian public polices but the reality is still very different.

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