Marketing de relacionamento como Estratégia de otimização da carteira de clientes: o caso de uma empresa operadora de planos de saúde no Rio Grande do Sul

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Ayrosa, Eduardo André Teixeira
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Services in general are developing in scenario of increasing competition, and particularities of each segment need to be considered in order to keep current customers and to gain potential ones. The role of relationships in services activities becomes more important every day, specially if the activity sector is the health care one. Health care is sector where technology has small contribution to reduce costs. On the contrary, it raises the price of medicai practice together with demand increase and users expectations. Besides, the sector has become concessionaire, regulated by government agency, with heavy pressure from new legislation which has increased meaningfully coverages offered by Health Care Plans to their users, amplifies by consumer protection boards and by media exposure for being subject with strong social, economical and political appeal. This study analyses through research the importance of Relationship Marketing program developed by Group that renders health care services in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, and aims at keeping current customers and gaining new ones. The organization develops the program by valuing their collaborators, it is market-oriented, and seeks to strengthen the bases of internai and externai relations by means of commitment, trust and cooperation, which are the fundaments of relationship strategy. The results point to the validity of the program with respect of fidelity of current customers, and its evolution allows to forecast the strengthening of Group's bonds with its collaborators and customers, at the same time as it needs more time for its effícacy in also gaining new customers to be confirmed.

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