Violência nas escolas e políticas públicas: um estudo sobre a formulação do Sistema de Proteção Escolar e Cidadania

Fonseca, Francisco César Pinto da
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Being several the understandings about what school violence means and, therefore, the possibilities of intervention by the public services, how are formulated the policies that deal with this phenomenon? Guided by this question, the present research is based on a large literature review and on a case study about the formulation process of the School Protection System, created in 2009 by the Government of the State of São Paulo. The results point that a reactive public policy model marks the setting of this policy and that its designing presents typical elements of an incremental public policy model. Although the initiative is capable of advancing and introducing some innovations on the way that public policies deal with the theme, the characteristics imprinted by its formulation process restrain the possibility that the policy contributes to more consistent changes in the reality of school violence.

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