Análise e proposta de formaçáo de educadores e administradores em Políticas públicas

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The present work shows the need to provide good training for Public Policies and Management professionals, considering the social pressures for improving the efficiency of policies, and also, for obedience regarding the Constitutional Principle of the Public Administration Efficiency. It analyzes research regarding the existence of the Public Policies subject (seen as a process of formulation, execution and evaluation) in 48 Pedagogy courses (maintained by teaching institutions with Doctorate in Education Programs) and 50 Administration courses, and, in the end, presents a proposition of a pilot course in horizontal specialization in public policies, as Carlos Matus proposes, as in post-graduation pilot courses in higher education at federal institutions. The result identifies 16 of 48 Higher Education Institutions maintaining pedagogy and 11 of 50 HEI with administration courses containing the Public Policies subject that teaches the process of formulation, execution and evaluation.

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